Class of 2023 Fan Vote
VOTE ON Oct 20 @11:00am

How Does Fan Voting Work? Follow the steps to vote:

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    Select as many candidates as you feel are deserving of induction into the International Tennis Hall of Fame.
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    Enter your email address and submit your vote. You can only submit your vote one time.
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Ana Ivanović
Singles world No. 1 & 2008 Roland-Garros Champion
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Carlos Moyá
1998 Roland-Garros Champion & Singles World No. 1
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Flavia Pennetta
Doubles world No. 1 & 2-time Grand Slam Champion
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Juan Carlos Ferrero
2003 Roland-Garros champion & world No. 1
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Lisa Raymond
Doubles world No. 1 & 6 Doubles, 5 Mixed Grand Slam Titles
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Cara Black
Doubles world No. 1 & 5 Doubles, 5 Mixed Grand Slam Titles
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How does a candidate get elected into the Hall of Fame?

The ITHF Player Voting Group, comprised of approximately 140 tennis journalists, historians, and Hall of Famers, will submit their vote.

The top 3 vote getters in the Fan Vote will receive bonus percentage points on their result from the Voting Group.

To be elected, a candidate must receive an affirmative vote in 75% or higher of ballots submitted from the Voting Group or a combined total of 75% or higher from their Voting Group result and Fan Vote bonus percentage points.

So, if a candidate gets 80% in the ITHF Voting Group and wins the Fan Vote, their total vote will be 83%. Because this is higher than 75%, they will be elected to the Hall of Fame. If a person received 74% affirmative votes in the ITHF Voting Group and comes in second place in the Fan Vote, they’ll get a 2% bonus, bringing their total vote to 76% and they will be elected to the Hall of Fame.

Fan Vote Bonus Added to Overall Score

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place

Preserve. Celebrate. Inspire.

Being voted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame is the ultimate honor for a tennis player. It represents the sum of their career achievements as being among the greatest in tennis history.